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[December 22, 2007]
i miss
when idiot pilot was still local.
when they still played shows in bellingham.

those nights at the VU
THOSE were good shows.

i see michael at the horseshoe all the time
and daniel came into my work the other day.

its weird seeing them around and not hearing kids saying
you going to the idiot pilot show this weekend?

i hear they are on the transformers soundtrack
and its one of those feelings
where you don't really want everyone and their mom loving the same things that you love.

call me selfish.
i can't help it.

good luck michael and daniel.
i hope you'll come back one of these days.
hit up the VU
for old times sake.

bellingham misses you.
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Retina and the Sky [July 4, 2007]

What do you guys think of their new song, Retina and the Sky?
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[May 4, 2007]

[ mood | awake ]

What the hell? This community hasn't been updated since September '06.

Anyway. I'm actually brand new to this community. I'm fairly new to Idiot Pilot as well. I discovered them in a kind of random way. I was out in my living room once and my brother was listening to Strange We Should Meet Here in the computer room. Of course I didn't know what it was then, I just heard this music drifting out to the living room. A couple of days later I was scanning through the music we have on Windows Media Player and found this album, something that I hadn't seen before. I picked a couple of songs out; I think it was "To Buy A Gun" that I recognized. I've been hooked since. That happens to be one of my favorite songs now.

As I said, I'm new to the band. This discovery of mine would've been a couple of weeks ago, any time after the 14th of April, a few days after I'd gotten home from vacation and my head had stopped spinning like I was still on a plane. (20 hours of flying, w00t...v.v) So yeah.

How did everyone else here come across the band? Let's try to wake this community up a bit...

Also, someone make some posts on any recent news. K?

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[September 19, 2006]

Hi there,
this is my first posting in this community. I just came home and read something like IP started working on their second album called "Wolves". Uh that's good news.
According to the german music magazine Visions, 2/3 of ex Blink 182 are involved (not as band members but as co-producers respectively drummers). Weird.

Anyways, as long they don't sound like Blink.

yeah and this reminds me to listen to IP again...
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[June 16, 2006]

so does anyone in here actually like IDIOT PILOT?

it can be anything about IP:
love notes to the boys (clean ones, please! ps; they probably won't ever see them)

you know... something.
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MOD POST! [March 5, 2006]

[ mood | working ]

Hello children!
Brynn (our awesome mod!) asked me to make a new layout for this lovely community. I was thinking of this amazing layout with purples and greens, but at the moment I put up a boring blue/brown one while I'm making the new on. So don't worry! Soon we will have our community looking spiffy as always :]

Listen to lots and lots of IP!


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Promo [February 14, 2006]

Sup guys, there weren't really any rules against this, and it's kinda Idiot Pilot related, so uh...


MP3s [January 17, 2006]

someone needs Idiot Pilot`s mp3s?
i have 2 albums and some clips
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Silent Film [January 11, 2006]

Anyone have the lyrics or know where this track is from?

thanks. <3

[January 11, 2006]

For anyone who wants Hybrid Moments, click here. =]
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[January 11, 2006]

Idiot Pilot will be doing a West Coast tour starting on March 9th in Seattle. Dates, bands and everything else will be announced shortly. Also, the band are hoping to start officially recording after said tour.

source: absolutepunk.net

[January 10, 2006]

I'm just so frustrated and distressed because I can't get Idiot Pilots cover of "Hybrid Moments" anywhere.
Can someone sent it to me? Thanks el mucho.
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hello from your mod! [December 23, 2005]

hey guys, i know this community is pretty much comatose except for the occasional "omg, i am alive, but let me hibernate, gosh!"
anyway, i hope you guys are having a great holiday season
and listen to LOTS of Idiot Pilot.
send the community a present and put up a banner so we can get a healthy dose of IP posts!

[December 13, 2005]

I wish this community was alive!

What is everyone's favorite song?
Mine would have to be either The Violent Tango or Strange We Should Meet Here. =]
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please please please? [October 11, 2005]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I feel bad asking this, but if this isn't allowed feel free to delete.

I was wondering if someone could send me the remix album, more specifically the instrumentals. I don't have a credit card.

AIM or YouSendIt would be nice..

Thank you very much in advance!

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heyyy there everyone [September 7, 2005]
[ mood | happy ]

On Monday I saw Idiot Pilot at Bumbershoot in Seattle. I must say it was amazing. As always. They played Militance Prom! It was just plain great-ness. I can't wait to see them again very very soon.
I don't have any pictures of the actual show, but I do however have a picture of me with them.

Go to the cuttttCollapse )

Love you all.


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[August 29, 2005]

so the guys don't have their lyric printed anywhere and the album is up for the listener's interpretation.
what do you think the concept is behind the album?
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join please [August 1, 2005]

yo check thisCollapse )

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[July 26, 2005]

if anyone's just reading this now 10:13pm pacific time
go here

watch Idiot Pilot playing live in Oakland, they should be on any minute

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pics from lastnights show in Seattle [July 25, 2005]

[ mood | content ]

So I saw Idiot Pilot lastnight cause they opened for Team Sleep and it was an amazing show. They were so glad to be back in Washington, there were alot of people just there to see them which was awesome. They were so happy to be back home that they played Militance Prom, it wasn't even on the original setlist. So here's some pics and the setlist

Losing Color
A Day in the Life Of A Poolshark
Les Lumieres
Spark Plug
Strage We Should Meet Here
Militance Prom (not on the original setlist)

pics behind the cutCollapse )

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